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New!!! Check out thumb ring photos of Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame!

New!!! Celebrity pictures of Gabriella Cilmi, a young female singer. We've got videos too! Added some videos of Cerys Matthews from the band Catatonia while I was at it!

New!!! Added pictures of Katy Manning, who wore thumb rings while acting in old Dr. Who episodes.

New!!! Check out over 10 new thumb ring photos selected from iStockPhoto! The work of over 150 photographers is featured, and there are links to over 800 photos.

New!!! I've posted over 70 new thumb ring photos from HotOrNot! There's now more than 300 photos! Check out over photos of women and photos of men!

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New!!! If you are curious about what others think about thumb rings, be sure to check out this new survey!

This is a site dedicated to thumb rings. Why? I like them! I like seeing them on other people! I like wearing them myself! I think they look great! Basically, I am fascinated by them.

The goals of this web site are to:
  • Celebrate thumb rings!
  • Show pictures of people wearing thumb rings
  • Find out why people like to wear thumb rings
  • Explore why some people do not like thumb rings
  • Review the history of thumb rings
  • Provide a forum for expressing ourselves
  •    and more...
I hope that you enjoy this site and what it represents.

Editor's Note: Some of you may have been wondering what has been going on for the past couple of years. It's been that long since the site was last updated. Well, I decided to take my passion for thumb rings to the next level! Rings-4-U is an online jewelry store I've dedicated the past two years nurturing. If you love wearing thumb rings or have ever thought about giving it a try, you should check it out! It's your way to help support Thumb-Rings.com.

In the mean time, I have really improved my web programming skills. You can look forward to a lot of improvements in the near future. While you are eagerly waiting for these improvements, I hope you enjoy your many clicks as you explore this site dedicated to thumb rings!

Last updated: January 12, 2011